Re: Online Bible

>   It appears to me that the RSV version is from CCAT as well, and should
>   be distributable like the UBS and BHS versions. It is, however, not on
>   the wuarchive.wustl.edu archive. From the distribution fees it looks
>   like it is 'freely' distributable ($9 is the price difference from the
>   AV package and the AV/RSV one).

I was not aware the rsv was 'copy freely'.  I will look into it and
let you know.  I thought it was the 1956 edition, which would
make it still copyrighted.  I will find out, and if it is a free
text, I will get it.

>   I have heard that it is possible to hold an electronic NIV bible if
>   you ask for permission from the copyright holders. It could be,
>   however, that whenever the OLB is 'sold' with the NIV, the copyright
>   holders should have a small royalty (around $20) - it looks so, again
>   by comparing the prices of the packages.
>   Do you know how I can get hold of one of these version (including RSV
>   and/or NIV)? I know I can get them from one of the distributors, but
>   as I have already got the rest of the package, I just need one or two
>   additional disks - which they may not be prepared to send without me
>   paying for all the floppies. Even having to pay a small amount in
>   foreign currency could be quite expensive - it is quite expensive to
>   buy a bankers note in e.g. $$'s here in Denmark.

If you want the NIV, you will need to go to one of the authorized
distributers.  I beleive there is one in the Netherlands and I
am sure you can ask him just for the 'av/niv' diskettes and
get a reduction in price.  The combined texts like that come
'glued' together.  You cant just get the NIV; you have to get
the AV and NIV together.

>   Would it be possible to get it by email or FTP from somewhere (saves a
>   lot of time and costs)? Maybe this could be done for the RSV, but not
>   for the NIV version?

It cannot be done for the NIV, and I will learn more about the rsv soon.

> - Do you know anything about the token/index format being used to encode
>   the texts? I wonder whether it would be possible to integrate a Danish
>   bible with the set. It may not be freely distributable (the Danish
>   Bible Society may require a fee), but it would be worth looking into
>   (for us Danes, at least).
>   A new Danish bible is being released in a few months, and I'm sure
>   they have an electronic version (they use it internally at least).

The format of the files is somewhat proprietary.  If you have a text
file you want to put into the OLB, the best thing to do would be to
contact Peter in the Netherlands (I think he is listed in to-order.doc)
and work with him on it.  It would have to be worked out with the
copyright holder regarding royalty payments.  But, if that can be
worked out, I am sure it would be put in the OLB.

What is preferred is to locate an older, non-copyrighted, printed
copy and it can be OCR scanned and put in OLB.  Then it can be
freely copied and distributed.  It has much more availabilty then.

>   I know it may require some work, but it would be an interesting task
>   to undertake, provided I can get hold of the format being used and
>   possibly the originators own tools for preparing the texts [I'm make a
>   living of working with computers and programming, so I have plenty of
>   tools, machines and compilers available here in our company].
> Thanks a lot if you could help on any of these issues.

Regarding the NIV and RSV.  I would recommend you wait for awhile.
Version 6 is coming very soon and will have more 'free' texts.
The standard package will include the AV with Noah Webster's
1833 english language ammendments stored as footnotes which
you can togle in over the AV.  Webster modernized the KJV
language in 1833, and it reads much easier.  The resulting
text is similar to the New KJV.

Also as a standard item will be the 1870-80 Darby Bible.  This
is very close to the NASB in accuracy, literalness and style.
It is british in language and tone, and older than the NASB,
but very accurate.

So, with v.6, you will have 3 Bibles for free.  And in a couple
of months, the Youngs Literal Translation will be available for

And, finally... I'm not a big fan of the NIV. :)  I used to be, but
I found too many readings which went very far from the original
language.  If you have an NIV, compare Heb. 11:11 to the Greek,
or to the KJV.  Zondervan took some big liberties on this verse.

Feel free to write back if you have any questions, and I will
send you a note when (1- I get version 6, and (2- when I learn
more about the RSV.