Re: Online Bible

> Hm, I may not be correctly informed on this. My impression is that CCAT
> has made available several texts, of which some are (still) copyrighted
> (e.g. the UBS3/N26). For texts that are copyrighted, CCAT has made an
> agreement with the copyright holders that they may distribute them,
> provided it is for non-commercial use, and provided the users return a
> registration with CCAT.
> The OLB already has a couple of these CCAT texts, the UBS3 and the BHS
> texts. Thus, the OLB documentation asks you to register with CCAT upon
> reception of these texts.
> According to the CCAT 'distribution fee list', the RSV is available from
> them - the price being approximately the same as that for the AV. There
> is also something called the New RSV - it has the status 'to be made
> available'. This would indicate to me that the RSV is freely available
> under the abovementioned conditions.

I will have to check.  I agree with you that the price differential
appears to cover the extra disks, and not a royalty, but the
to-order.doc form does not have the '**' like the greek&hebrew.

> I don't know what the New RSV is. I thought that the AV was from 1611 (or
> thereabout), the English SV, from which the ASV is derived, from around
> 1900, and that the RSV was from around 1950.
> This would make the AV based on the Textus Receptus, the SV/ASV based on
> something similar to Wesscott/Hort (sp?), and the RSV based on a newer,
> text-critical greek (e.g. N23 or thereabout).
> But maybe I confuse things?

No, I think you pretty much have it.  There was an 'RV' in the late
1800's, and I dont know the relationship of the asv, rsv to it.
Personally, I do not care for the strict westcott&hort ideals.  I
feel they did not use common sense when 'hacking' verses out of the
Bible.  The last verses of Mark are a good example: the verses are
missing in to old ms, but one of them has a blank spot where they
would appear, and it appears the copyist knew something was missing
and left room for it.

Anyway, I am not a fan of the german higher level criticism.  To me,
it is too humanist.  But, I do agree the TR is not the best family
to work with.

The asv was based on w&h and the texts it was based on have under
gone 26 revisions since 1901.

The NRSV is the New rsv.  It was done by the world council of
churches.  Most fundamentalist Christians are against it,
while liberals like it.  There is a christian bookstore here
that will not sell it.  The reason is that none of the translators
beleived in the divinity of Jesus, and they did a *great* number of
things to take the 'bite' out of the gospel.  They tried to remove
the male gender words regarding God to please the feminists, and they
softened the wording about homosexuality in 1ti.

It all has to do with ones background I suppose.  I am fundamentalst
and pentecostal.

> I will try that. Will the combined versions also work with the OLB
> version 6? I don't want to buy a NIV/AV version now, and another one
> again when the OLB v.6 becomes available.

No.  the file formats are changing.  I would not do anything until I
get v6 up on the server.

> Is that the version available at WU? Or is that 'just' the Websters
> translation?

That is Webster's complete work.  I put it into etext this time
last year and we made it available as is.  Larry has since extracted
the word changes *only*, added some of scofields changes which
apply globally, and the result is supposed to be similar to the
nkjv -- but I havent seen it yet.

> Again, is this the one already available at WU?

The Darby on Wu is the NT only and contains a great number of errors.
I put the OT and NT in etext earlier this year.  It is 100% error

> Does the greek text used in the Darby/NASB translations differ much?
> This must be the case for the Webster's one (probably based on TR).

Webster did not re-transalate.  He ammended the kjv language, although
he had access to the mss, and could read them.  I beleive he consulted
the mss to ensure his word changes were proper.

Darby actually did a new transaltion, and he consulted W&H, and
Tregelles, and others.  What I like about Darby is that he did not
just accept what the so-called scholars said, but investigated and
made decsions of his own.  He valued the critical work of others,
but he felt common sense was not their best tool.  The result is
a fair degree of criticism, but not over-board.  The last verses
of Mark are there, and the 1Jo 'trinity' verses have been modernized
to what they should be.  There is a total of 3 verses he removed in the
NT.  There are about a dozen others he footnoted as being in question,
but gave his reasons for not going with the crowd.

> > So, with v.6, you will have 3 Bibles for free.  And in a couple
> > of months, the Youngs Literal Translation will be available for
> > free.
> Good! Will it be integrated with the greek text? I must admit that the
> feature I miss most with the OLB is the ability to switch translations
> and/or display simultaneously more than one translation. I know this
> works for the combined ones (NIV/AV and RSV/AV) and for the greek
> TR-BYZ-N26, but it would be extremely helpful if it could work also with
> e.g. greek/hebrew and the variuos translations.

You should send Larry a letter and tell him this.  I agree, and have told
him others have said this... but he doesnt beleive me. :)  Just send
him a letter and ask him to consider allowing a person to toggle in
individual texts as availabel on the HD.

> BTW, another wish for upcoming versions is a little more interaction.
> E.g. when you want to look up a strongs definition for a word it would
> be nice to be able to use the arrow keys to position a cursor on the
> right word/number and then press a button to look it up. The existing
> feature of being able to look up any number should, of course, be
> retained. A similar feature would be useful when reading a definition.
> Use the arrow keys to position the cursor on the root definition and
> press a key to look it up.

I agree.  Again, you should send a letter to Larry and register your
suggestions.  It is difficult to complain about something that is
free, but it does seem like their could be some enhacements like this.

> Anyway, just some ideas. By profession I'm working a lot with designing
> user interfaces, so this was just some ideas I had when I started
> learning to use the OLB. Do feel free to throw them away :-)

Mention that to Larry.  Maybe you could offer to help with that.
Be sure to acknowledge that you understand he has written olb for the
lowest common denominator, an 8088 monochrome mouseless system, and
whatever interfaces were suggested would have to work on that worst
case system.