Re: Message from Robert E. McE..... (Was: CHRISTIANS BEING DUPED)

Ron Thwing shares the objections of others:

> I object to the message on Christians being "duped."  It was inappropriate 
> for this network and was an abuse of the system.

I agree completely;  BUT...

When I read the original post, I gathered that it was a post cross-posted
to probably every Christian-oriented list that he could find.  He had 
something to say, and he wanted to say it, and he may even have had motives
of getting "reactions" out of us.

My reaction after I read it was to just ignore it, and hope that others
would ignore it as well.  Yes, it _was_ off-topic, but then again, so are
posts which just complain about the original off-topic post...

He said what he had to say.  The "damage" was done.  While I fully agree
that it was entirely inappropriate for this list, because of the principle
_behind_ the concept of free speech, I wasn't annoyed or offended by what
he had to say.  IMO, his "message" lacked substance, and it didn't damage
my faith in the slightest.  It is my opinion that he wouldn't be making
any followups, and if everyone could ignore his original post, that it 
would quickly become old news.

I also agree that it was an abuse of privileges.  Any complaints, criticisms,
or followups, should therefore IMO be directed to the moderator(s) of 
nt-greek, the original poster, and/or the original poster's system 

I hope these unsolicited comments are found useful in any future "incidents"
on this or other lists.

In Christ,

Jeff Shirton