Re: Message from Robert E. McE..... (Was: CHRISTIANS BEING DUPED)

>Ron Thwing shares the objections of others:
>> I object to the message on Christians being "duped."  It was inappropriate 
>> for this network and was an abuse of the system.
>I agree completely;  BUT...

I also agree with this, and this persons posting to OT-HEBREW was even more
offensive.  Always interesting to see how those who are duped by something
truly rediculous try to project it onto others, but not appropriate for here.

>I also agree that it was an abuse of privileges.  Any complaints, criticisms,
>or followups, should therefore IMO be directed to the moderator(s) of 
>nt-greek, the original poster, and/or the original poster's system 

I do not feel it would be either fair or appropriate to send mail to the
moderators of nt-greet for this.  I would encourage flames to the poster and
the poster's system adiministrator.  Please don't bother the moderators of this
list with this, it's certainly not their fault.  I would also like to encourage
people to stop posting these comments to the list.  I only felt compelled to do
so because of my objection to adding the nt-greek moderators as an appropriate
channel for complaint.  I have sent a flame to the original poster.

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