Gal, idiom etc

To find some antecedent of the phrase about the eyes a little time with
TLG is the way to do the proper linguistic research.

The point about the sperma being one person surely is very like
rabbinic styles of interpretation: they often base an argument on
a very close reading of a word or a letter in a word or a repointing.
The argument may seem strange to us but it is neither arbitrary
nor undisciplined.  The rabbis often seem to delight in being
provocatively inventive in coming up with rival interpretations
based on very close reading.  Paul is using this but is also
drawing on an additional assumption.  His interpretation does
not rest only on his linguistic tour de force but on his
conviction that Jesus is the expected heir/messiah etc.

Sanctification in Pauline thought: a topic more neglected
in Western Protestant scholarship than in the early Greek
Patristic texts.

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