Gal, idiom, etc.

I appreciate David's line about the TLG and some day I'm sure I will be
adequately motivated to get at that.  In the meantime, though, it has just
been of minor interest to me and I was simply wondering if anyone out there
on this list had come across the phrase about digging out the eyes anywhere
else.  Apparently not, so if I find the time to work through the TLG for it,
I'll share what I find.

I'm not sure where else the conversation about Gal. 3 is going.  I have found
helpful comments like David's which point toward typical Jewish exegesis of
the time and those of Bob Kraft insisting that a sense of mystery be
maintained.  Reading the notes, it sounds like we're coming from several
different directions as we talk about this and I guess that's part of waht
(what) a list discussion is supposed to be.

If anyone is interested, I'm curious to see what kind of comments are out
there about Gal 3:10-14 -- Paul's dealing with Deut. and Lev. to deal with
the "curse".  It seems to me that Paul probably brought this up only because
his opponents had convinced the Galatians that Christ was under God's curse.
Paul admits that, but attempts to find a theological basis for avoiding the
obvious implications.  It seems to me that the opponents had a pretty powerful
point in saying that Jesus was, in fact, under God's curse.  Do you think Paul'sattempt at dealing with this convinced any of them to regard that differently?
Just curious to see what you think.

Tom Geer