Where are we now?

I have been reading over the last several notes on this list and have
subsequently spent several minutes looking out my window wondering what I
want to say to it all.  I subscribed to the list originally because I teach
New Testament Greek at a small private university and thought there might be
some discussion here that would be helpful to me.  Then as I started 
receiving messages, most of them dealt more with matters of NT interpretation.
I have no quarrel with that; I also teach some NT classes.  But I guess I'm
in a bit of a quandry over what a list like this should be.

I have to say that I am firmly in the corner of Larry and Sterling on the
recent discussion about credentials, but I also realize that David has been
trying to get some discussion generated because some of the rest of us aren't.
I tried to get into some discussions a week or so ago by asking about the
use of a particular phrase in Gal. 4.  I received a rather short reply telling
me that the TLG was the place to look for that.  I obviously know that, but I
assumed that a list of this nature was here to share stuff of that nature that
you may be working on that I'm not.  And now, I'm not sure what questions shouldlook or sound like.  One option I have at a small school is to go hide away
in the library and find all the answers I want to find that way.  I do plenty
of that; I was hoping this discussion group could provide some conversation
of a different sort.   

Through no fault of Ioudaios I have felt a little left out of most of the
discussion that takes place there and so I was hoping that this list might be
more productive for me.  For that to be the case, fellows like Sterling and
Larry sure need to stay around.  But most of us are much too busy to get
engaged in conversations that spiral steadily downward.  So, where are we? 
Personally, I could benefit by discussions dealing with the Greek language,
discussions about specific texts, even discussions about a particular Pauline
letter, etc.  And like Sterling, the questions raised need to be of a serious
enough nature to catch and hold my interest or I will simply quit 
participating as I have for the past few days.  

Well, just wanted to get that out.  I, for one, hope we can continue 
discussion on a serious enough level to keep the interest of those well-trained
in the disciplines.  Otherwise, the list will not be of much use to me.

This is too long, but there it is anyway.

Tom Geer