Where are we going?

The IOUDAIOS list is currently hosting a discussion of a new edition
of the Hebrew Bible. One major criticism voiced my many (and shared by me)
is that it is unclear whether the edition is addressed to the scholarly
community (for which it seems unsuited) or to the believing community
(for which it seems unsuited).  Having just read a backlog of postings
to NT, I have a sort of deja-vu feeling.

I understand why some people feel that IOUDAIOS is too arcane and hope
that NT might be more useful.  But perhaps we do need to ask what sort of
use we want from NT.  There are plenty of other lists in which to discuss
matters of personal faith, abstract philosophy and so on.  Could I plead
that this list be restricted to questions of the interpretation of the
NT text (sure, that will entail philosophical questions about authorial
intention, but only as statements of where we are arguing from) and the
nature of its language?  And that we do so as scholars or at least
as those who want to use rational tools to arrive at our conclusions?

I don't want to be falming anyone, but I would like this assessed; because
like some others I am sadly but seriously thinking of signing off.

Douglas de Lacey, Cambridge.