(Copy) Re: Deconstructionism

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Date:    Mon, 19 Oct 92 12:03 EDT
From:    "Bart D. Ehrman"                            <BARTUNC>
To:      David John Marotta <djm5g%Virginia.EDU@DMT03.MCC.VIRGINIA.EDU>
Subject: Re: Deconstructionism

   Before D. J. Marotta's questions got side-tracked into a discussion
of whether dilettantes had cornered the market on inanities, and before
the list got off on other discussions (i.e., before I got around to
reading my mail) he asked whether there was anyone on the list who
approached texts apart from the question of authorial intent.  The short
answer is yes, I do.

   If that strikes you as counter-intuitive, let me ask you: what
do I intend by it?