Hear! Hear! for Brunner

I would like to second emphatically Ted Brunner's remarks about
the intended scholarly (and not confessional) dimension of the
NT-GREEK list.

I also applaud his remarks about learning and studying Greek.  My
late and honorable colleague from my days at William Jewell College,
Dr. F. M. Derwacter, insisted his pre-theological students learn
classical Greek first and then make the transition to Koine.

I would also urge inquirers to take up Brunner's offer to search
the TLG corpus.  Of course, Mark Williams at Calvin College made
this offer and was taken up by one person.

Te totum applica ad textum; textum totum applica ad te.  (Which I
guess is sort of a confessional statement.)

Oliver Phillips
Classics, University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS  66045-2139