Annoucing a new list: BIBLE (Bible Study) Conference

Subject: NEW LIST: BIBLE (Bible Study) Conference


BIBLE (Bible Study) Conference

BIBLE is an electronic conference designed to provide a forum for
anyone interested in learning to study the Bible. Anyone
interested in studying the Bible together is invited to subscribe,
but the list will assume that the participants consider the Bible
authoritative.  Experts and professionals are welcome to provide
wisdom and insight, but those interested in an exclusively academic
approach to Bible study should join either the NT-GREEK list

Subscription to this conference is open to anyone interested.

You may subscribe by sending an e-mail message to


if your account is on the internet, with the following request as the
text of the message.

    SUB BIBLE YourFirstname YourLastname

This, the 'SUB ...,' must be part of the message; the subject line will
be ignored.

Remember two simple rules-of-thumb:

   If it's a request (SUBscribe, UNSUBscribe),
   send it to the list requester:

   If it's a message for general distribution to the members of the
   list, send it to the list:
      BIBLE@VIRGINIA.EDU             (Internet)
      BIBLE@VIRGINIA.BITNET          (Bitnet)

The list is supported by the University of Virginia. Our thanks to
their management and staff for permission to use their system for the
list and for assistance in setting it up.  The opinions expressed do
not reflect those of the University.

The list is sponsored by the the Center for Christian Study, an
independent Christian ministry at the University of Virginia.  The Center
for Christian Study has been dedicated to providing quality Christian
Education since its inception in 1976.  The main purposes of the Center
are to maintain a caring University outreach ministry and to encourage
Chrisitians (and others) to think serious about the Christian faith.
If you wish more information about the Center for Christian Study please

   The Center for Christian Study
   128 Chancellor Street
   Charlottesville, VA 22903
   (804) 295-2471

Questions about this conference may be directed to David John Marotta.

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