Changes to the format of NT-GREEK, and creation of a new list

After much consideration and suggestions I have decided to make
two changes to NT-GREEK in order to help satisfy the needs of
its participants.  OT-HBREW is not being changed because of
its low volume of messages.

First, the list will have an option for those who do not want
to receive message immediately to receive a digest format.  The
digested format will be every 24hours or 8K of information,
whichever comes first.  This option will not be implemented
unless requested, but will be mentioned in the new welcome message.

If you wish to receive only the digested format send the message:


to the REQUEST address (NT-GREEK-REQUEST@VIRGINIA.EDU). The details
of other options are in the new welcome message which I will send
in the next message.

The second change is the addition of another list, BIBLE@VIRGINIA.EDU
which will provide a forum for those interested in learning to study
the Bible.  I orginally thought that lay people interested in
studying the Bible in the orginal languages would not be so annoying
to scholar's dialoging in academia, but that proved naive.  Hence I
see a need/interest in both pursuits, and have created a new list for
those form whom an interest in Bible study springs from their
Christian faith rather than their academic area of study.

I will send an annoucement of this new list after the new welcome
message for NT-GREEK, but if you would like to change your subscription
from NT-GREEK to BIBLE simply send the command:


To either list's request address.  BIBLE will also offer a digested
format so you can add the command:


after the subscription command.

I hope that these changes will influence these lists in a positive
way.  You can, of course, be subscribed to both NT-GREEK, OT-HEBREW,
and BIBLE is you wish.  I hope that these changes will stop the
complaints from the scholars and the unsubscriptions from the
laypeople.  I personally am committed to educating laypeople
in Biblical scholarship, and would hate to sacrifice either.


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