Re: camels and needles

     In spite of the fact that I am not an expert or scholar on any of
fields relating to writings, I do love to read any that comes on this
list, in additional to other lists.  I have been reading posts about
the camel and rope, which intrigue me, but I do not see anyone mentioning
about the other translations of the writings before 400 CE (or around that).
Does that mean that other translations do not have any value in clearing
up some difficult passages in Greek writings like camel and rope?  For
example, will Peshitta shed any light on this passage?  I know that
this list focuses on Greek New Testament but after seeing four or more
posts without any reference to non-Greek manuscripts, I am a little
puzzled because I think that comparing with other translations often
help in many ways.  Well, any comment will be appreciated.

                                        Joseph P. Riolo