Bible Windows 2 vs. Gramcord

Before I set my distribution to "no mail" because I will be out for
most of the next week, I'd like to respond to Mr. Collier's message.
We do accept returns. I told Mr. Collier that. Mr. Collier wanted to
purchase Bible Windows with everything (GNT, BHS, LXX, etc) on a 60
day "on approval" basis while he has told me more than once that he
was happy with GRAMCORD/Nota Bene. I tried to tell him how it is very
expensive to do this (we cannot reuse any of the diskettes without
individually reformatting, etc.). I suggested to Mr. Collier that he
start with the $95 basic Bible Windows package (KJV and tagged Greek
New Testament) and that I would allow him to upgrade to the bundle
price by just paying the differential between the two. I told him that
he would not have to "bet the farm" that way. He replied that the $95
would be betting the farm. We have demo'ed the software for Mr.
Collier and we have answered specific questions about the product for
him. I think that we have a reasonable return policy but that does not
include sending out everything on a 60 day "on approval" basis. 

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