Bible Windows/Gramcord

It is unfortunate that John Baima has apparently taken my recent posting in
such a personal manner, for I intended nothing personal.  John has been very
helpful in answering questions, and has been quite pleasant to work with.  I
am happy (for several reasons) to see that I was mistaken about his return
policy (although, this was not the point of my posting).
But John is a bit over-zealous in his reply.  His "return policy" was far more
negatively communicated to me than his recent message implies, and I had asked
via e-mail (i.e. in "print") for a two *week* (not a two *month*) trial
period.  These items should not have made it to this list at any rate.
Bible Windows 2 *looks* like a fine biblical research tool.  And I am still
interested in knowing the experience of others in how it compares in its
search capabilities to Gramcord, beyond what an informative but short demo can
To all 5 of you who have not set your machines to NO MAIL for the holiday
season, maybe one of you has some experience with these programs.  :-)
Gary D. Collier
University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology