Re: Which concordance?

> I'd like to use my upcoming tax refund to get a good NT Greek concordance
> and so would solicit any advice, suggestions, comment, etc. that any here
> might have as to which concordance that I want.
> The following are listed in my current CBD catalogue:
>   - Concordance to Nestle-Aland 26/UNS 3, deGruyter.
>   - Clapp, Friberg and Friberg, Analytical Concordance to Greek NT, Lexical
>     Focus.
>   - [ditto] ... Grammatical Focus.
> (BTW What exactly is the function/meaning of the "Lexical" vs "Grammatical"
> focus?)
> Any others I should be thinking about?
> Thanks
> Nichael

Depending on how big your refund is, and whether or not you have a personal
computer already, I would strongly suggest looking into a computerized
version of the GNT instead of a concordance.  There are a number of
packages available for MS-DOS; I assume that the same is true for the
MacIntosh.  I am very happy with Silver Mountain Software's "Bible
Windows" package for Microsoft Windows.

If you choose the right package, you will get at least two things that a
printed concordance can never give you: the ability to search for
grammatical constructions, and the ability to search for more than one word
at a time.  On the down side, portability may be more difficult (although
my laptop is about the same size as my Moulton & Geden), and it is a bit
tougher to make notes in the margins.  :-)  There may still be reasons to
buy printed concordances, especially something with as many features as
Hatch & Redpath for the LXX, but for most purposes a computerized GNT will
be faster and more powerful than any printed version.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Sterling G. Bjorndahl, bjorndahl@Augustana.AB.CA or bjorndahl@camrose.uucp
Augustana University College, Camrose, Alberta, Canada      (403) 679-1100