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Date:     Thu, 18 Feb 1993 13:15 CST
Subject:  Re: Which Concordance
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1. If you can spare the cash (about $200, I think), then your absolute best bet
is to buy GRAMCORD.  This program combines the capabilities of word search and
grammatical construction search.  It is fairly user-friendly (it just takes
some time playing around with it) and very thorough.  I don't suppose there's
much that most people would want to look for in the Greek New Testament that
GRAMCORD couldn't find.

2. Another electronic possibility--buy MacBible with the Greek module
(available from CBD for less than $100).  This is one slick program!  It won't
find the complicated grammatical constructions that GRAMCORD will, but it does
allow you to look for combinations of words.  And with the Greek module, you
could tell it to search for a particular form of a word (e. g. dative plural of
theos + imperative of didomi).

3. The Friberg volumes are very thorough, but also quite expensive ($100 for
each volume).  The grammatical focus is a concordance listed by grammar (i. e.,
case and number).  The lexical focus is the more typical concordance, with
words listed by vocabulary.

IMHO--I use MacBible's Greek module regularly, as well as the NIV module.  For
me, this program is my first line of attack on finding Greek constructions.
And it is a tremendous help with preparing Bible lessons, sermons, class notes,
etc.  I heartily recommend it.

Disclaimer--I'm just a satisfied user and have no connection with Zondervan

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