Re: Which concordance?

> The Online Bible is also available for the Macintosh.  (No shareware fee
> that I'm familiar with.)  It's dandy fun, if only it wasn't KJV.

I don't know about the Online Bible for the Mac, but the latest OLB for
the PC-DOS environment, version 6.00, also comes with the RSV (1947 and
possibly 1973), as well as other (to me at least) less familiar
versions, like the Darby (1890) translation. Some support for
non-english languages is also available (like a Spanish and a German

The previous (5.17) version had the option of the ASV, and a NIV
version could be ordered (which you then had to pay for). I think,
however, that support for these has ceased with the latest version.

The OLB 6.00 is freely available from wuarchive.wustl.edu
(, in doc/bible or thereabout (last time I looked I think
it was moved to somewhere else, but I cannot remember to where anymore).

Just a happy user,

-- Per.

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