The Online Bible.

The following is a post I received from the nt-greek lisk about 3 months ago. 
It seems some question has arisen about the exact details of The Online Bible. 
Only the Mac version is described here, but there is online information for the
PC version at wuarchive.wustl.edu in the directory /doc/bible/ibm-pc via
anonymous FTP.

This should clear up any questions about the Online Bible.

Tim Biddle

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Online Bible Description:

The Online Bible is a full featured program designed for serious Bible
students.  You can display Bible passages and notes in any number of windows,
limited only by available memory.  Most operations can be performed using
either the mouse or keyboard commands.  The program is both powerful and easy
to use.

The basic text for the Online Bible is the 1769 Authorized Version, commonly
known as the King James Version, indexed to about 350,000 Greek and Hebrew
words using Strong's numbers.  Other Bible texts will be made available in
the near future.

Complete search facilities include, word, phrase, multiple words, wild cards,
and much more.  Searches can use AND, OR, NOT, and proximity operators to
select verses.  The range for searches can be restricted.  All verses are
displayed in context rather than asking you to choose a verse from a list to
display.  Searches are very fast with simple word searches taking less than a

You can add notes to a verse using the built-in editor.  Cross references can
be stored in the notes for automatic recall.  In addition to verse notes, you
can define over 32,000 topical entries.

Verses or notes can be printed or saved as ASCII text files for inclusion in
most word processing documents.  For those using MultiFinder, copying text
between this program and your word processor can easily be done via the

The Bible FKey which is included can be used from within any editor or word
processor to automatically insert passages directly into the document you're
currently working on.  This feature is available whether running under the
Finder or MultiFinder.

Online Bible Greek & Hebrew Lexicon:

English definitions of Biblical Greek and Hebrew words.  Knowledge of Greek
and Hebrew is NOT required.

Requires 3.5 megabytes on a hard drive.

Lexicon based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary plus others; this is
keyed to the large Kittel and the Theological Dictionary of the New
Testament.  The Old Testament is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon;
this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament."

You can search using Strong's numbers and quickly display the definitions of
any Greek or Hebrew word used in the verses being viewed.  The lexicon is in
text format and can be readily altered using the Online Bible editor.

Online Bible Cross References:  ------------------------------ Almost 600,000
cross references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and others.

Requires 900K on a hard drive.

The program allows instant recall and display of cross references.  This
makes for a very rich Bible study.

Hardware Requirements:  ---------------------- Any Macintosh with the
capabilities of a Mac Plus or greater.

System software version 6.0 or higher.

A hard disk with 8 megabytes of free space.  The lexicons and/or cross
reference files can be removed if desired to reduce the hard disk
requirements to as little as 3.5 megabytes.

Installation Instructions:  -------------------------- The complete package
comes on six 800K floppy disks, with everything but the documentation and
Bible FKey being compressed in a self-extracting archive.  Before doing the
installation, make sure you have at least 8 megabytes of free space on your
hard disk.

To install the program and related files, simply double click on the file
"Online Bible Seg #1" found on the first disk.  The program will prompt you
to load the last segment which is entitled "Online Bible Seg #6" and is found
on the sixth or last disk.  If you only have a single floppy drive, this will
require temporarily swapping the first disk by ejecting it and inserting the
sixth.  The program and related files will be extracted into a folder
entitled "Online Bible ".  You'll be prompted to specify the place on your
hard drive where you want this folder to reside.  Since the archive is
segmented, each disk will need to be ejected after it's installed and the
following disk in the sequence inserted when the program prompts for the next

The Greek and Hebrew lexicon files along with the Cross Reference files will
be installed in the "Online Bible ".  The Online Bible program will use these
files if they're available, but can be used without them.  If you're low on
hard disk space or find that you're not using these features, you can remove
any or all of them by dragging the "Greek", "Hebrew", and "CXRef" folders
into your trash can.

The Bible FKey is also on the first disk and needs to be installed into your
System file found in the System Folder of your boot disk.  By default FKEY
slots 1 and 2 are used to eject floppy disks by holding down the Shift and
Command keys while pressing a 1 or 2 for the internal or external floppy
drive.  The System file contains FKEYs 3 and 4 which are used to save an
image of the screen as a MacPaint file or send it to a printer.  The rest
should be free, unless you've already installed some of your own.  If that's
the case, you probably won't have any problem installing this one.

To make the installation process as easy as possible, a program containing
the FKEY has been included to do the installation.  Double click on the "FKey
Installer" which will display a dialog box prompting you to do the
installation.  By default the FKEY will be installed in slot 7.  This can be
changed if you already have an FKEY installed with that number.  Any slot
number between 0 and 9 excluding 1 and 2 may be used.

For those using a code resource manager such as Suitcase or Master Juggler, a
copy of the FKEY resource entitled "Bible FKey" is included on the first disk
as well as in the "Online Bible ".  You may prefer to use this file directly
by opening it with your code resource manager as you would any other Desk
Accessory, Font, FKey, or Sound resource.  In doing this you avoid the need
to install it into your System file using the "FKey Installer".

Before attempting to use the Bible FKey, be sure to install and run the
Online Bible program at least once.  This is necessary in order to build a
preference file that the Bible FKey uses to locate the files containing the
Bible passage to be retrieved.

Although the program is quite intuitive and easy to use, users should read
the manual that is included in order to effectively use of the program's
numerous features.  In order to quickly get started, a short tutorial is
provided giving an overview of the basic features and how to use them.  Those
who just read the tutorial to get started should later go back and read the
manual since it not only describes the program's features in more detail, but
covers numerous things not discussed in the tutorial.

Special Thanks:

The developer of this software would like to acknowledge the grace, strength,
and wisdom provided by our Creator God without which this program would never
have become a reality.

Special mention also needs to be made of Larry Pierce, the developer of the
Online Bible for the IBM PC and compatible computers.  His work has been and
will continue to be used in the development of this program.  Users of MS-DOS
machines should contact him for information on how to obtain the Online Bible
for their computer.  He can be reached at the following address:

	Larry Pierce
	R.R. 2
	West Montrose, ON
	Canada  N0B 2V0

Freeware Distribution:
The Online Bible has been developed for several reasons.  Chief among them is
a desire to make God's Word readily available to as many computer users as
possible in a form that will enhance their study of it.  With that in mind,
users are not only granted permission to make and distribute copies of it,
but they're encouraged to do so.  Rather than asking for a shareware fee, the
author is asking that each user of the Online Bible share a copy with at
least two other Mac users within the first month of obtaining their copy.  In
doing this a few guidelines need to be followed.

1) The contents of the disks are to be copied and distributed as originally
released by the author.  This precludes modifying, adding to, or deleting any
of the files.

2) The disks may be copied and distributed by anyone, including shareware
distributors, provided that no more than $5.00 per disk is charged for the

3) Commercial shareware distributors need to register with the author in
order to be assured that they're shipping the latest version of the package.

Future Plans:
The first release of this program for the Macintosh has been done with only
the King James Version being made available.  Additional versions will be
made available later this year.  They will include the New International
Version and the Revised Standard Version.  Since these are copyrighted works
they cannot be distributed as freeware, but will be made available by the
author for a small charge to cover the cost of the media, shipping, and
royalties for the version selected.  In addition to the new versions, more
features are planned for the program itself.

In order to be notified of the next release, you need to register with the
author.  When the next release becomes available, you will be sent a brief
description of what it includes along with what it will cost to obtain a
copy.  Registration involves sending the following information along with a
SASE which will be used to notify you of the next release.

City:____________________State:_____ Zip Code:__________
Phone number is optional.
(day):__________________  (evening):____________________
Model (Mac Plus, SE, LC, etc.) of Macintosh?_________________
Version number of Online Bible software you're using?________
Are you a commercial shareware distributor?____
Where did you obtain your copy of the Online Bible?
	   ___ 1) A friend.  ___ 2) A shareware distributor.
If you obtained it from a shareware distributor, please include their name and address.
	   City:____________________State:_____ Zip Code:__________
What is the most liked feature?____________________________
What would you like to see changed or added?__________________

Send the above information to the following address:

Ken Hamel
P.O. Box 168
Oakhurst, NJ  07755

If you have an early copy of the Online Bible and simply want to obtain the
latest version of the program, it can be obtained directly from the author.
A single disk containing the latest copies of the Online Bible, Bible FKey,
and Manual is available for $5.-  This disk should only be ordered if you
already have an earlier copy of the program along with its associated files.
The latest version of the complete six disk package including the the KJV
text, cross references, and lexicons can be ordered for $30.-  The funds must
be in U.S. dollars and any checks must be drawn on U.S. banks to avoid
problems with exchanging the currency.  Orders from outside the U.S., Canada,
or Mexico should include an additional $5.- for shipping costs.  To avoid
receiving a duplicate of what you already have, simply register with a SASE
to be notified when the next major release becomes available.