The Online Bible.

At least for 80x86 systems, the OnLine Bible is "FreeWare" and copying
freely is encouraged.

It may be of interest to note that the Greek package includes the text
of four major editions:  Nestle26, 1550 Stephanus, 1894 Scrivener, and
a majority text of Robinson's (not Hodges-Farstad, but a similar approach).
These texts can be printed out to a file, in pieces or in toto, for
processing by other tools.  The text is given with chapter and verse
numbers and word divisions, but no accents, breathings, punctuation,
or capitalization.  Optional final nu and sigma are always present.
One, two, or three of the editions can be onscreen at one time,
but the differences are not highlighted, you have to compare word-by-word.

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