Concordance vs.e-text

It all depends on what you wish to find:

e.g. problem 1: find all and every instance of a given special sense of a word
in NA26 - then the Aland Concordance is expensive but superb and the best

problem 2 :  find all collocations of two or three specified words - for this
all printed concordances are fairly useless; Ibycus with TLG is superb.

problem 3 : remember just where that verse is which mentions Jerusalem
surrounded by armies when you are in a class - the smallest concordance
you can buy no matter how old, no matter how uncritical the text - it will
find it and my battered old uncritical concordance is so easy to carry around
for this sort of query.

Schmoller - perhaps - I do use it when I am at my desk at home but it is not
easy to use when you want say 95% of the instances rather than just a few
typical ones.  Its layout leaves quite a lot to be desired for quick 
consultation, and it is larger and heavier than "hand concordance" suggests.

problem 4:
for finding a morphological form:  the Fribergs' tagged text or Gramcord
or the printed Analytical concordance - grammatical focus, but the e-version
is easier to use for this one.

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