Greek of Apocalypse

There is a very useful article by Stanley Porter in New Testament Studies
within the last 3 years - lots of refs to earlier articles also.
He argues (rightly I think) against the idea that there was a special
biblical Greek.

I have been taking some classes on Rev.21 recently.  Does anyone know
where I could find any evidence that some of the unusual features are also in
the papyri e.g. gen masc plural participle after accus fem plural noun;
nom sing masc participle after nom. neuter noun.

This is not the kind of thing that even e-texts make it easy to find -
there is some info that the old "slog through it all" technique is still good
for.  I just hope someone might have done it already!

In case anyone wishes to find these oddities try Rev.21.9 and 21.14
In each case some later mss helpfully "corrected" the seer's Greek.

David M.
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