Schmoller, again

Well, who am I to argue with Edward Hobbs.  But before I knew I would be
arguing with him, I went and stuck my foot in my mouth.  I am apparently
one of the ones who does not yet know the Gk NT very well.  I admit it, 
I have only memorized through Matthew and Mark, I am still working on the
rest!  And of course, I am not being sarcastic when I pay homage to 
Edward as truly a great greek scholar.  
    But even with this, I have found Schmoller quite useful as a handy 
reference.  And so I will differ -- to my deep regret, likely -- with
one whom I respect greatly.  To all who have not yet memorized the Gk
text, I say, "Buy it anyway!"  :-)   And then carry it with you and use
it!  Just keep in mind that when it comes to doing exegetical work
you'll need something more substantial.  
    But Edward, since you felt this strongly about the matter, it would have
been nice had you aired your disagreement to my original post so I could
have seen it too (i.e., to my original "praise" of Schmoller).  That is,
in fact, what makes these discussion boards interesting and useful.  After
all, I still have a lot to learn, and am quite willing to learn the 
hard way.  :-)

Gary D. Collier
University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology