Schmoller, with mild apology

I've just checked in to the List again, and find a flurry of messages on
Schmoller.  My own posting was to answer Nichael's question -- what
hard-copy concordance to the GNT should he buy with some gift-money.
My comment "Don't buy [Schmoller]!" was to him; it didn't mean "Don't
anyone out there buy Schmoller."  I myself bought Schmoller -- not once, but 
twice: the old edition, which proved a constant disappointment, and
was too large "to leave home WITH it" [the one Mealand referred to],
and then the 1989 revision, which Gary Collier referred to.  I bought the
latter precisely because it IS so small and "hand"y.  I confess I mainly
use it for finding an exact reference, rather than for studying the 
instances of a word (where it does often disappoint, although Koester's
revision does introduce the * for entries that ARE incomplete).  But
I certainly recommend it as a SECOND concordance, to carry with one
(as Gary says he does), if $18 + $2.00 postage does not deter one.
If one has no concerdance, $45 for Moulton & Geden is certainly far
more worth getting, and $85 for Aland's 1-vol. even better.

I'm apologetic for sounding condescending or snide; I didn't mean to
put down everyone who needs the Schmoller more than I do, and
especially regret putting off Gary, whose scholarship I have admired
when it has been posted to this List.  I beg to object, however,
that I couldn't very well have replied sooner; I responded to Nichael's
enquiry at once after reading a great stack of postings, on
NT-GREEK, IOUDAIOS, and LINGUIST.  A few days away, and I had to
plow through fifty or sixty messages; I replied finally to Nichael,s,
both directly and on the List.  I decline to be held responsible for
reading every posting within hours of its arrival; like most of
the rest of you, I have a heavy schedule, and can get to these Lists
only irregularly, except in the good ol' summertime.

On one count, Gary's "Don't leave home without it" shows why one
should not rely solely on electronic concordances -- sometimes
we travel, and can't carry everything computer-related with us.
Schmoller is really nice at that point.