Sherman E. Johnson

> It is with great personal sadness that I pass along the following
> information received from Arthur Van Eck of the National Council of
> Churches: 
> On the 20th of April, I received word of the death of Professor 
> Sherman E. Johnson on March 23, 1993. He was 85 at the time of his death. 
> The cancer had returned and, added to that, was a stroke, earlier in the
> year. 
> Sherman was a graduate of Seabury Western and of the University of
> Chicago, from which he had his PhD. He taught a Yale Divinity School and
> played a major role in the founding of the Graduate Theological Union in
> Berkeley, and for 20 years was Dean at the Chruch Divinity School of the
> Pacific. 
> His widow is Mary Johnson, 2328 Mono Avenue, El Cerrito CA 94530.
> The above information was circulated to the NRSV translation committee,
> on which Sherman served for many years. He was a mild mannered person
> with good scholarly credentials and instincts, friendly and supportive. 
> He was president of the SBL in 1957. My recollection of his scholarly
> publications is that they were both readable and solid -- I wish there
> were time to list some samples on this occasion. If anyone has seen a
> more detailed obituary, I would appreciate the reference or a copy.
> He will be missed.
> Bob Kraft, UPenn