Machine readable texts of NT manuscripts

While I do not have MS texts online, I can now make available some NT texts
of text-critical interest.  Email me if I ought to put these where
they can by anonymous-FTPed.

I have extracted from the Online Bible software the text of four NT editions:
NA26, Stephanus 1550, Scrivener 1894, and Maurice Robinson's reconstructed
Byzantine text (like Hodges-Farstad, but not identical).
These are ASCII transliterations like the CCAT BETA texts,
but with no accents, breathings, diacriticals, or even punctuation,
except for square brackets and paragraph markers.
When gzip-ped they weigh in at about 300k bytes apiece.

The material is freely copyable for noncommercial use, except using the
stripped-down NA26 requires you send in an agreement to the CCAT.

Vincent Broman,  code 572 Bayside
Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center, RDT&E Div.
San Diego, CA  92152-6147,  USA                          Email: broman@nosc.mil