Greek Uncial font

I've designed a simple Greek Uncial font with MetaFont which I intend to
make publicly available.  It resembles the OT quotation font in WH,
modulated by my own impressions of the papyri up to the third century.
It contains 24 glyphs drawn by one unvarying, elliptical penpoint,
with no ligatures, kerning, punctuation, or diacriticals.  I kept it simple.

While I am still cleaning up and adjusting things, I invite constructive
criticism by email of the font's verisimilitude and asthetics.
You may print the two-page sample postscript file pub/gnt/jude-uncial.ps,
obtained by anonymous FTP from bugs.nosc.mil, on a 300dpi printer built on
the CanonCX print engine.  Other 300dpi postscript printers may also work.

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