greek software

I must make a confession.  I actually bought the _Greek Tools_ software
before I asked about it on the list.

Mainly I wanted it to review vocabulary.  I used "flash cards," but I t
tended to lose them.  The vocabulary part of the program is easy to use
and it just what I need.  However, I found many spelling errors.  Since
the program allows you to add and delete cards that's easily corrected.

The Grammer section is just plain stupid.  You can get the same thing
out of Machen.  I haven't gotten into the manuscript section yet.

I also wanted to be able to use the Greek font.  WordPerfect allows you to
program a Greek keyboard, but it was very tedious to use since all I saw
on the screen were little white boxes.  _Greek Tools_ greek font is muck
...I mean, much easier to use.

A Greek Primer comes "free" with the program, but I glanced through it and
noticed that it doesn't teach accents.  Heck, if I had to learn all the
accents everybody else should, too!

I would certainly be glad for any information anyone has on any other
similar program.  Thanks to everyone for their comments.

Denise Inglis

P. S.  I thought it was a little expensive, too.