Wrapping Hebrew in Word for Windows?

I am not sure if this list carries queries of this kind!
We are looking at fonts with Word for Windows.  Greek is not a problem.
For Hebrew we have two candidates.  One will cut and paste from the Biblical
text which is very handy.  The other will allow character entry from right
toleft within the line.  The first font is from Bible Windows, the second is
from WinGreek.  But we have so far not persuaded either to wrap lines of
Hebrew.  Has anyone managed to get either of these fonts to wrap Hebrew lines
the correct way?  

For large quantities of Hebrew we still find MLS a better programme, despite
having experience some problems with it esp. when a postgrad is working with
parallel Hebrew and English columns.

Before assuring me that some system is "very good" please check that the
specific query is whether it can be got to wrap lines of Hebrew one way and
lines of English the other and lines of mixed Hebrew and English in the
correct direction!  MLS can do this.

David M.
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