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I've been having trouble getting my message through to the NT Greek
list.  One more try:

In response to Steve Wachter's post (as well as to the individual
request--sorry it was so delayed), I would like to report that the
Macintosh version of Gramcord, called 'AcCordance' has finished the
Beta test phase, and is in the process of being checked against its
documentation.  Persons interested in receiving notice of the release
(approx 4-6 weeks) may contact

	The Gramcord Institute
	2218 NE Brookview Dr.
	Vancouver, WA  98686

	phone:  206-576-3000

AcCordance will do everything Gramcord does and more, according to
Paul Miller, Executive Director.  It also combines the capabilities of
Bible Word for Windows, linking translations (like batteries, sold
separately) with the selected Greek texts.  Approval has been granted
for 6 English versions and one Spanish (RV) and is pending for one
German version.

While I'm waiting for my copy ;-) does anyone know of any Spanish or
German New Testaments available by FTP?  I got the Elberfelder edition
someone mentioned awhile ago, but I'd like especially to get _Dios
Habla Hoy_ and _Die Gute Nachricht_,.

Thanks in advance,

Mari Broman Olsen
Northwestern University
Dept. of Linguistics
2016 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL  60208