Bad address in file

I am removing these names from the NT-GREEK list.  If anyone has updates
on them (or if they received this message) please let me know how to
reinstate them!
David John Marotta, Medical Center Computing, Stacey Hall
Univ of Virginia (804) 982-3718 wrk INTERNET: djm5g@virginia.edu
Box 512 Med Cntr (804) 924-5261 msg   BITNET: djm5g@virginia
C'ville VA 22908 (804) 296-7209 fax   IBM US: usuvarg8
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Subject:  Bad address in file
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Found bad address in the file '/usr/mmdf/lists/djm5g/nt-greek'.

There were problems with:
Philip Yevics <PEY365@scranton.bitnet>
"Bart D. Ehrman" <BARTUNC@unc.bitnet>
Ron Thwing <thwing@dallas.sil.org>
Robert Morrison <rlm@tulip.hq.ileaf.com>

The remaining addresses in the file were used for submission.