Re: Copyright-free Translation of the Bible

I sent the following message to the Anglican mailing list.  If anyone 
is interested, please send me email at cms@dragon.com.  Thank you.

From:	DRAGON::CMS          "Spawn of a Jewish Carpenter (Cindy Smith)" 19-DEC-1993 10:09:55.25
Subj:	Re:  Translations of the Bible

Something John said in his most recent message really bothers me:  
There is no modern translation of the Bible available that is not
copyrighted.  I have an idea.  For those of you out there who know Greek:
Would you be interested in forming a project with me in which we translate
the New Testament into modern English and make it available in the 
listserv (and perhaps Gutenberg would want a copy) ?  This would be a
voluntary project; that means nobody would get paid.  We could start
a private mailing list and do translations by the chapter, arguing over
the list about the accuracy of the translation, and decide by vote on
a committee translation.  Is anyone interested?  Please send me email,
or respond to the list.  I might repost this suggestion to other 
mailing lists and newsgroups.

In Jesus Son of Mary,

Cindy Smith