Copyright-free translation

RE: No copyright-free translation
Your proposal to make a new translation is very interesting. I would not want to
dissuade you from such a noble task. However, I wonder why a copyrighted
translation is very bothersome? May I infer from this that people are being
deprived of the Scriptures because of such? I don't think you mean that. I'm
sure most anyone too poor to buy a Bible would be able to get one free through
most any church. Also, a copyright protects a version from being changed by this
or that group, perhaps corrupting it (such as the New World Translation). It
also protects the incentive for publishers to invest huge sums to promote the
Bible (it forbids copycats from pulling the rug out from under them). Companies
also allow large sections of  their version to be quoted before crying about
copyright infringement. For example, the NIV (Zondervan Corp.) allows up to 100
verses to be quoted or reprinted for non-commercial purposes. I may have
completely missed why you are troubled by not having a copyright-free modern
text. I just wished to throw my thoughts into the mix. Best wishes on your
well-intentioned goals.

Peace to you,