Corrupt Vulgate

In the attached message, John Richards calls attention to the sort of
problem that can easily arise when unauthorized and uncontrolled
materials are allowed to proliferate on the nets. To the best of my
knowledge, the source of all Latin Vulgate texts on the nets would be
the Beuron/Tuebingen electronic text formatted and distributed by CCAT
at UPenn (access gopher.upenn.edu, follow menus to penn gophers, ccat,
thence to texts and ultimately to vulgate -- for searching online).
Users are required to register by sending a signed "user agreement" to
CCAT, to keep track of who has what and why, etc. There is no charge for
registering or for having the text, but permission has never been given
for the text to circulate without the registration requirement. Nor has
permission been given for the text to be mounted on whatever ftp server
chooses to have it, although at one point a central server, without
permission, did mount it as though it were uncontrolled public domain
and presumably other servers such as the one mentioned in John's post
picked it up from there. Let the user beware.

If one wishes to have a Vulgate text with which some attempt at quality
control has been exercised, and a place to which comments and complaints
about the text can be registered, let them obtain according to the
approved CCAT rules. It might take a bit longer (including badgering me
or my largely volunteer staff), but it might help avoid problems such as
John has experienced -- or at least might help correct them. One can
even purchase the text on diskettes from CCAT for about $45, but that is
not the issue. You can also get it free. But do register it!

Bob Kraft, UPenn and CCAT

> NT-Greek Digest #169, Volume #1                   Sat, 1 Jan 94 13:12:10 EST
> From: John Richards <jhr@elidor.demon.co.uk>
> Subject: Vulgate text errors
> Reply-To: jhr@elidor.demon.co.uk
> Date: Sat, 01 Jan 94 17:37:26 GMT
> Does anyone have access to the administrators of ftp.funet.fi?
> I have been looking at Latin Vulgate text they have there, and there are
> a couple of serious mistakes in the text. I tried to leave a message to
> draw their attention to this (in the "incoming" directory), but access
> was denied me.
> The Letter of St. Paul to the Galatians is missing completely, and
> instead the Letter to the Ephesians is included twice - once under the
> name of Galatians!
> Secondly, the majority of the book of Daniel is missing. Only up
> to Chapter 3 verse 23 is included.
> It seems a pity to spoil such a useful text with these blemishes.
> I have also found that most books also have some stray extra verses tagged
> on the end, but this could possibly be due to the uncompressing of the
> tar.gz file under my MS DOS system.
> Incidentally the above mistakes occur both in the large .gz file, and
> also in the books as individual files.
> It would be doing them, and those who might use the text, a favour to
> draw their attention to this.
> John Richards
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