Re: Corrupt Vulgate

It is incorrect that control over text distribution is necessary to
avoid the problems John Richards points out.

Under most circumstances an incomplete text is better than no text.
That means that the problems John Richards found (which were just
lacking text) are relatively harmless.  If the control over the
vulgate text were maintained, then the text would not have been
available *at all*.  At least there is currently a partial text
around for easy access.

The only time when an incomplete or erroneous text is a problem is
when having some assurance that one has a correct and complete text is
important.  In that case, all that need be done is to compute suitable
checksums of the data and check them against checksums from a reliable
source which is presumed to have verified the text by normal means.
(In this case, CCAT would be the trusted source.)

I would also point out that the Vulgate is not under copyright, and
for CCAT to attempt to maintain control when unnecessary is