Bible Windows 2.2.2, NRSV, Louw-Nida

Silver Mountain Software is pleased to announce BW 2.2.2.  Bible
Windows 2.2.2 is a minor upgrade from 2.2 to support the NRSV
translation and the (1200+ page) _Greek-English Lexicon of the New
Testament Based on Semantic Domains_ by Louw & Nida.

The only other improvements to Bible Windows are Psalm number 
harmonizing and searching for prepositional prefixes in the LXX. The 
Psalm number harmonizing allows the LXX to be locked and scrolled with 
either the BHS or an English translation.  This change also improves 
the Extended Copy option with LXX searches in the Psalms. Previously, 
the Extended Copy would not add the proper English verse for most 
verses in the LXX Psalms. The ability to specify a prepositional prefix 
for searches through the LXX has also been added. 


Support for the NRSV translation has been added. The NRSV is a separate 
module and costs $40 ($35 through March 15th 1994). This version of the 
NRSV does not include the Apocrypha. The NRSV requires 4 MB of hard 
disk space and Bible Windows 2.2.2. 

Louw-Nida Lexicon 

The _Louw-Nida Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Based on 
Semantic Domains_ is a unique, 1,200 page lexicon (the electronic 
version includes both printed volumes). This remarkable dictionary is 
based on the concept of semantic domains. There are over 90 major 
domains such as "Learn", "Time", "Religious Activities" and many more! 
This lexicon is a wealth of linguistic and cultural data. 

The hypertext package, Folio Views(r), allows you to add book marks and 
notes, and includes many viewing and searching features. The lexicon 
has an English word index, a Greek word index and a Scripture index. 
The lexicon is integrated with Bible Windows so that you can instantly 
jump into the Greek word index. While this can be used as a stand-alone 
product, Bible Windows greatly enhances its usefulness. Looking up 
words in Louw-Nida has been added to the "Power Mouse" (right button) 
menu as well as the View menu. 

Louw-Nida requires 11 MB of hard disk space and costs $50 ($45 through 
March 15th 1994). 

BW Update prices

The update to Bible Windows 2.2.2 from Bible Windows 2.2.x is free with 
the purchase of either the NRSV or Louw-Nida. Otherwise, the update 
from Bible Windows 2.2.x costs $5 for shipping and handling. The update 
from 2.1 is $20 (+ Shipping/handling) and includes a new manual. 
Updates from 2.0 are $45 (+ Shipping/handling). 

John Baima
Silver Mountain Software   1029 Tanglewood, Cedar Hill, TX 75104
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