Online Bible & NASB

I spoke this morning with Ken Hamel, the programmer behind Online Bible for the 
Macintosh, regarding a New American Standard Bible module.  He said that it was 
simply a matter of licensing and permission from the Lockman Foundation, which 
is currently not available to him for inclusion in Online Bible.  His 
suggestion was that anyone interested in having NASB in the Online Bible 
(whether the DOS or Mac version) should contact Lockman Foundation and let 
their interests and needs be known.  If you've not tried the Online Bible, I 
highly recommend it.  The program includes several English and foreign language 
translations, Greek NT, Hebrew OT, lexicons, study notes, etc.  It's available 
via ftp from wuarchive.wustl.edu.

Steve Waechter
swaechter@utmem1 (bitnet)
swaechter@utmem1.utmem.edu (internet)