PSCO 31.4 Announcement

With the usual apologies for multiple copies caused by multiple
postings, and the added note that PSCO 31.5 is three weeks after the
meeting announced here....

in its 31st year

                          an Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar 
                                        under the auspices of the 
                                       UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 
                                  Department of Religious Studies 
                          Box 36 College Hall, Philadelphia 19104 
                                                215 898-7453/5827 

Topic for 1993-94: Origins and Early Development of the Synagogue

Chairpersons:      Howard Kee (Boston University Emeritus)
                   Lynn Cohick (University of Pennsylvania)

Secretary:         Maxine Grossman (University of Pennsylvania)

Coordinator:       Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania)

                                                 8 February 1994 

The fourth session of the 1993-94 PSCO will meet at 7:00 pm on
Thursday, February 17th, in the Gates Room of the Van Pelt Library
(34th and Walnut St.) on the Penn Campus.  Michael White will be
speaking on "Community and Congregation: The Diaspora Experience
and Influences on the Development of the Synagogue."

Persons wishing to dine with other seminar participants prior to
the session should meet at 6:00 pm at Duhring Wing (Religious
Studies offices building).

For background consult the following publications by Michael White: 

"Finding the Ties that Bind: Issues from Social Description," 
Semeia 56 (1991) 3-22; 

"Crisis Management and Boundary Maintenance: The Social Location 
of the Matthean Community," Social History of the Matthean 
Community, ed. David Balch (Fortress Press, 1991) 211-247; 

Building God's House in the Roman World (Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Press, 1990); 

"The Delos Synagogue Revisited," HTR 80 (1987) 133-160. 

The schedule for the remaining 1993-94 meetings is as follows:

March 10th:     Re-examination of the Sardis Synagogue Evidence

                Presenters: Marianne Bonz, Harvard Divinity School
                            Lynn Cohick, University of Pennsylvania

April 21th:     The Evidence of the Galilee and its Impact on the
                Synagogue (tentative)

                Presenter: Eric Meyers, Duke University