Call for SBL Papers

   The New Testament Textual Criticism Section will be
holding two sessions at the annual Society of Biblical
Literature meetings in Chicago in November.  One of the sessions
is reserved for invited papers on a set topic, but the other is
open.  Members of the Society who are interested in reading
a paper may submit a proposal to me either through Internet
or slow mail.  Those who have previously read a paper at our
meetings may submit a title and abstract; those who
have not must submit the text of the paper in its entirety.
   Papers are to be 20 minutes in length, allowing an additional
10 minutes for discussion.  Proposals dealing with any aspect
of N.T. textual criticism are welcome.
   Six papers will be selected by the Section's steering committee
(Bruce Metzger, Eldon Epp, Gordon Fee, and myself).  Deadline for
the receipt of your proposal is March 1 (firm).  I'll be happy
to handle any questions electronically.
   Dept of Religious Studies, CB #3225, University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC  27514.  (919) 962-3940.