NT canon

The recent discussion here about the NT canon has revived a question 
which I've struggled with on and off for some time now.  The reason I 
wanted to learn Greek in the first place was so I could read the NT for 
myself in the "original language" and not have it watered down for me by 
well meaning but less than insightful (IMO) expositors.  Eventually I 
realized that a) Jesus probably never spoke a word of Greek, b) the books
that were accepted into the NT canon went through a lot of editing before 
they were eventually rendered into Greek, c) there's a good chance the 
early Church would never have put forward their official canon when they 
did unless Marcion had not been zealously spreading his own "canon" all 
over Asia Minor,  d) etc. etc.  
	Is there any evidence, textual or otherwise, that makes a strong 
case for viewing the official canon as accurately reflecting what Jesus 
actually taught ?  By accepting the official canon as the standard, aren't 
you in fact basing your faith entirely on the judgement of the early Church 
fathers ?  

-Bill Kish

Internet: kish@jove.rutgers.edu