Re: Jesus Seminar Criteria

>From: " BARRY R. SANG" <BSANG@achilles.catawba.edu>
>Date:          Tue, 29 Mar 1994 12:50:05 EST5EDT
>Subject:       Jesus Seminar Criteria

>Ken Litvak and Sterling Bjorndahl have recently introduced a debate 
>concerning the criteria used by the Jesus Seminar.  I would 
>appreciate a summary of said criteria, especially since the popular 
>press has begun relating some of the Seminar's findings.  Thanks for 
>the help.


Most of the works published by JS spell out these criteria in varying
levels of detail.  Probably the most complete listing is in the chapter
called "Rules of Evidence", comprising some 23 pages of the introduction of
the JS's _Gospel of Mark: Red Letter Editor_ (Polebridge, 1991).