Potential name changes... NT-GREEK and OT-HEBREW

With the change to a new list manager comes the possibility of changing
the name of this list.  I have come to regret the Christian-centric
focus of the naming conventions for OT-HEBREW and NT-GREEK. It represents
my interest, but I want to encourage Jewish Hebrew scholars to feel
at home in this list, and the name might make a difference.

For the NT-GREEK list I thought KOINE-L might be better. (Or perhaps
just KOINE).  Does such a list title already exist? Does anyone
have a better name suggestion?

I want to keep the names under 8 characters if possible.

For the OT-HEBREW list, I think the name BIBLICAL HEBREW is probably
less offensive to Jewish scholars, but that does not fit well in
8 characters. I could use simply HEBREW or HEBREW-L, but I didn't
know if that would be confused with modern Hebrew or not.

Any suggestions are welcome, and I am interested in knowing if I am being
overly-sensitive or if others have noticed the names BEFORE I have just
mentioned them, and what reaction they had.


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