List changes up to date again...

Current receipiants of mail lists:

Thank you for all who expressed concern over my chicken-pox.
It was not fun, but it was also not half as bad as it might have
been.  Today was my first day back at work, and I have just finished
going through 420 mail messages getting all of the mailing lists
up to date.

If you requested to be removed from a list then you should not be
receiving this message. Send me another note requesting to be removed
and I will make sure it is accomplished. (Be sure to specify which list!)

If you receive TWO copies of this note then you probably sent two
add requests wondering why the first one did not work and I probably
did not recognize the second one as a duplicate. Please send me a note
and be sure to specify which list and the fact that you would like
to KEEP one of the subscriptions.

All the lists are going to move to a new forum where additions and
subtractions to the list can be made by you instead of by me. It is
still not listserver software (it is called Majordomo) but it will
be an improvement.

Thanks for your understanding during my abscence (only one person
trying to get off the list used nasty language).

Glad to be well again,

David John Marotta, Medical Center Computing, Stacey Hall
Univ of Virginia (804) 982-3718 wrk INTERNET: djm5g@virginia.edu
Box 512 Med Cntr (804) 924-5261 msg   BITNET: djm5g@virginia
C'ville VA 22908 (804) 296-7209 fax   IBM US: usuvarg8