Names for the list

   I'm so used to seeing BH in literature for Biblical Hebrew (at least
I assume that's what it means, as opposed to Biblica Hebraica)
that I'd think something like BIBHEBRW would work.  Of course, I suppose
you could spell Hebrew with transliteration of its Hebrew consonants,
but that would probably leave out anyone who doesn't know what
'evret means (at least I think that's thw word for Hebrew in Hebrew).
As for the NT, I too do not want to offend anyone unnecessarily in this
regard, but I might suggest that the 27 documents of the early
Church are pretty universally called the New Testament, even by
at least some Jewish scholars.  Whether they grit their teeth in
the process I don't know, but unless you really intend a much
wider scope for discussion, it might be best to stick with
NT because it's fairly clear to all what that is. I suppose you
could try BIBGREEK, as long as you think is the right place
for LXX issues.  That would probably only cause a problem
for those who think other books hould be in the Bible.

Ken Litwak
IBM, San Jose, CA