Re: Bible software

On 4/5, MAS@cs.princeton.edu asked about Bible software.

I am currently a user of the Logos Bible software.  If you get it, be
prepared to sacrifice precious real estate on your hard drive.  :-(

Here is what I like about it.  Rapid point and shoot between verses.  Quick
search engine and the ability to display versions.

What I hope is improved:

One cannot do grammatical searches (with what I have.  That may be different
with the TVM add-on).  I still had to use Even-Soshen for some work I am
doing in Obadiah.  I can search for the exact times that ish (as a word)
appears, but it is ignored in construct, or in compounds, or plural.  If I
search for a phrase in Hebrew, it looks for a precise match (eg. Greek,
tense, voice, mood, number, case, gender).  It is hard to see where all the
instances of a G/H word are.

Another improvement I hope to see:  Printing text and notes from the software
(and not from a word processor) is unformattable.  If you are making notes on
the H/G text, you cannot put H/G in the notes.  Nor can you make the text one
size in the printout and the notes another.

That my say.  Otherwise, I enjoy my software.

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