I would agree with some such title as HebrewBib  but I am not so sure about
changing NT-Greek.  There is plenty of discussion with Jewish scholars on
Ioudaios and I value that.  If there are Jewish scholars who would take part
here but are put off by the title then I would agree some change.  But I
would like evidence first.  In any case Koine would be misleading.  It would
suggest an interest in everything from Polybius through Strabo and I honestly
don't think that many of the contributors to the list are THAT interested in

If there is a problem I think it is not the title, but the expectations of
the contributors.  I am reading NT-Greek for contributions which have at
least some technical interest or expertise.  (I did say "or"!  :-)  )
If people want every contribution to make them feel that their beliefs are
safe could they not find a group called secure belief or something like it.

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