Survey of New Testament Textbooks being used... (results)

As promised, here are the results of what NT Greek textbooks are being
used by those on this list.  Not everyone answered (or not everyone
is teaching NT Greek) but I thought this list might spark further
survey responses!

NT Greek: Frequently Asked Questions #0:

Index of questons:
   1. What New Testament textbooks are insitutions using?

1. What New Testament textbooks are insitutions using?

Alphabetically by Institution:

1994: INSTITUTION:    Calvin College
      1ST YEAR:       Alpha to Omega by Anne Groton (not NT Greek)
      2ND YEAR:       Greek New Testament from American Bible Society
                      Gingrich: Shorter Lexicon of the Greek NT.
      CONTACT:        Richard F. Wevers <weve@ursa.calvin.edu>

1994: INSTITUTION:    Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis)
      1ST YEAR:       A Grammar for New Testament Greek by James M. Efird
      CONTACT:        Calvin L. Porter <CPorter@butler.edu>
      TEACHER (1994): J. Gerald Janzen <Janzen@Butler.edu>

1994: INSTITUTION:    Emory University/Candler School of Theology
      1ST YEAR:       New Testament Greek for Beginners
                         by J. Gresham Machen
                      Note:  I have not taught this course before, but
                      this is the text I've decided to go with for next
                      year.  The course has been taught in the past with
                      the same text by Clayton Croy, who is not on the
      CONTACT:        Philip Graber <pgraber@unix.cc.emory.edu>

1994: INSTITUTION:    Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
                         (Memphis, Tennessee)
      1ST YEAR:       Basics of Biblical Greek by William Mounce
      CONTACT:         Steve Waechter <swaechter@utmem1.utmem.edu>
                                      <swaechter@utmem1> (bitnet)

1994: INSTITUTION:    Ontario Theological Seminary
      1ST YEAR:       The Elements of New Testament Greek by J.W. Wenham
      CONTACT:        Harry Hahne <hahne@epas.utoronto.ca>

1994: INSTITUTION:    Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA 23005-5505
      1ST YEAR:       Reading Greek for three semesters by Jact
                      (Cambridge Univ Press)
                      In 4th semester I do a NT gospel (mark or luke) and
                      an epistle if there is time. I do my own
                      transition. I serve both pre-min and pagans.
      CONTACT:        Gregory N. Daugherty <gdaugher@cscsun.rmc.edu>

1994: INSTITUTION:    Smith College
      2ND YEAR:       Fundamental Greek Grammar by James Voelz
                      (Classical Greek is a prerequisite)
      CONTACT:        Karl P. Donfried <KDONFRIED@Smith.smith.edu>

1994: INSTITUTION:    University of Edinburgh
      1ST YEAR:       by Wenham
      CONTACT:        D Mealand <ewnt05@castle.ed.ac.uk>

1994: INSTITUTION:    Wellesley College
      1ST YEAR:       Greek: An Intensive Course by Hansen & Quinn
                      (Classical--we don't begin with NT)
      2ND YEAR:       Transformational-Generative Grammar of Hellenistic
                      Greek by Edward C. Hobbs  (Berkeley 1977)
                      (Used it 1st year in Berkeley)
      CONTACT:        Edward Hobbs <ehobbs@lucy.wellesley.edu>

The year (e.g. 1994) represents when the information was given to me.
If you wish to add or update this information for your institution,
please send me <djm5g@virginia.edu> a note.

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