Summary of name change suggestions for NT-GREEK and OT-HEBREW...

Here are the results from name change suggestions:

Most of the responses said I was being too sensitive and they
liked the clarity of the list's names. This was especially
true for the NT-GREEK list.  Two people said they would
appreciate the name change for OT-HEBREW, and several said
to keep the names not too esoteric:

Alternate suggestions included:

For NT-GREEK                   For OT-HEBREW
  KOINE                          TANAKH (TANAK, TANACH)
  GRKBIBLE                       HEBBIBLE (HEBREWBIB)
  BIBGREEK                       BIBHEBR

I have also found out that the names can be any number of characters
but must be unique to our site in the first 8 characters (for
Bitnet users, which opens up the possibility of:

  GREEKBIBLE-L                   HEBREWBIBLE-L

(or for bitnet users:)

  GREEKBIB                       HEBREWBI

The advantage here is that text searches will catch the name BIBLE
GREEK and HEBREW, they are parallel names (as opposed to KOINE and
TANAKH), and they are readily understandible.

Comments are still open.  Personally I like KOINE-L and TANAKH-L
but I think the last suggestion above might serve new users scanning
the potential lists better.  I will decide soon and regret the
decision as much as my original choice later.

Also I would like to say thanks to everyone who took the opportunity
to thank me for my work on these lists.  Perhaps with automatic
adding and deleting it might leave me the time to participate

David John Marotta

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