Re: Bible software

 Mary Ann Shillner <mas@cs.princeton.edu> asked [4/5] about Bible software.

I am using Bible Windows, which is now up to v.2.2.2

It now supports the Louw-Nida NT lexicon based on semantic domains which comes
as an optional extra. It comes with a hypertext package from Folio Views, which
allows you to add your own notes and bookmarks.
Also, you can now search for prepositional prefixes in the LXX, and there is
Psalm number harmonizing, so that the LXX can be locked and scrolled with
either the BHS or an English translation.
On this latter point: the RSV includes the Apocrypha, but the  NRSV with which
v.2.2.2 works does not -- a pity.

The search facilites were always good, but have they have greatly increased.
Putting the cursor on a grammatical form occuring in the text, and initiating a
"Search Word at Cursor" saves a *lot* of time.
What I particularly like is the way the upgrade now handles the *results* of
searches. One mouse click puts all the full verses resulting from your search
into your clipboard, thence to your WP. My WP is AmiPro and the DDE in Bible
Windows works extremely well ( it's got macros for other WPs too). Type a
chapter and verse reference, hit a couple of keys and you can have the verse in
English, Greek, Hebrew, Latin in RTF in your WP right away.

You can contact the author of Bible Windows, John Baima

  -Maurice [Bray, Ireland]  05-Apr-94 at 20:45:32 IST