I have looked at the words in the old testament
associated with Lord in the KJV and have noticed that over
98% of the usage is for the word YHWH.

The other being Adonai.

Jah is used for the lower case word for lord. Man as lord.

The question being...

Is it true that the septuigint uses the word Lord 
as Theos and why is this significant?

My desire is to fully understand that Jesus is Theos is YHWH.

I use the passages in Ex 6: "I AM"  and John "Before Abraham...I AM"
(What is the greek and the hebrew for "I AM"?)

Also I use the declaritive statements for monotheism associated to
God saying...There is no other Gods before me.  I alone am God, there
are no others.  I am the creator etc...I am the first and the last...

Where in the NT, Jesus declares that He is the alpha & omega...
God calls him God in Heb 1:8.  The O God (O Theos) is also used 
in vs 9, which the KJV fails to declare.

I am just wanting maybe a little stronger documentation on the 

Pls Help.

 In His Service

Be Bold. By Grace

Daniel K. Hedrick